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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Seahawks, Sounders, Reign, Huskies & The Storm are moving in the right direction While Mariners countine to move backwards.

Well with the Mariners not making the playoffs, The Mariners playoff drought has counted. But to really understand this season and also understand spring season of 2016. You have to keep in mind that in the beginning of the season, The Sounders & Mariners were both not doing well. But now as of fall, The Sounders are going to playoffs again, and the M’s are still stuck in Playoff drought.  Why is that? Well it goes back to same old story, The Mariners even with John Stanton as their owner is a complete Howard Lincoln clone and he is very incompetent. However I have sat back and evaluated him, And the only good thing I will say about him and is that he is trying to get more fans at Safeco Field.  But around the parts of September and August he had hard trouble filling in Safeco Field. But it’s not because people moved on to the Seahawks and the Huskies and football season. But it’s mostly the general public is really starting to find out who John Stanton, He is an owner with good intentions of the M’s wanting to be a super power. But the huge black eye on him is that he is against Chris Hansen and his arena, which is really wrong. And that is why the general public in the city of Seattle and other fans did not show up to games when they really needed to the most. Now if Stanton was for the Sonics coming back and wanted to work with Chris Hansen and help build his arena in SODO.  Maybe more fans would of have showed up but now things are a lot more worse then they are already are in the area. And the Mariners are starting to lag behind in terms of Seattle sports relevance. And I will explain why.

Number 1, The Seahawks & Sounders are managed a lot better.

This is a complete no surprise anybody but the Paul Allen always finds the right people to run his teams and he always trusts people that have been around the sports of football and soccer to make sure the teams are run well. And he is the most hands off as a sports owner, which is a complete good thing.  And Allen is the same way the Sounders, he lets only soccer people and also the fans make the choice in terms of management of who is hired and who is fired.  Right now the Seahawks are doing well this season and Sounders are going to playoffs even though it didn’t look like it first but they are. The difference between Stanton and Paul Allen is completely clear, Paul Allen wants his teams to be successful and lets people that are skilled in the sport make the critical judgments and stays focused on his team and not other things around him.  Stanton just like Howard Lincoln is the complete opposite, he wants to make the Mariners but in reality he keeps focusing on Chris Hansen and mocking him consistently, even though John Stanton has no plan or no clue how he is going to improve the Mariners.

Number 2, The Seattle Reign, The Sounders, and Strom are starting to getting accepted in the mainstream sports media.

Now as the Rio Olympics ended. It has become clear that the WNBA, Women’s professional soccer, and MLS are starting to become really good.  Now the Reign out of the two don’t get the media attention but the Seattle Storm and Sounders are paving the way for other sports and leagues to be popular.  Also like the Sounders and Seahawks, The Seattle Storm are managed well and their ownership is one of the best in the WNBA. Also the Strom went to the playoffs with great players like Breanne Stewart and Jewell Lloyd. Also they won big in the Olympics and that is something we should all be proud of. Also the Seattle Reign have a lot of great players such as Hope Solo and a lot of other great players on that team. Also around this point in her career, Sue Bird is not only going to be a WNBA hall of famer but also she has become a great role model for a lot of kids that play basketball both boys and girls. And also the Strom retired Lauren Jackson’s number a lot before the Mariners retired ken Griffey Jr.’s number.  Also the Mariners opposed retiring jerseys before retiring Griffey’s number. It was mostly because of the things that Howard Lincoln started.  And also with the 2010’s becoming the decade of change in sports such as women’s sports being more accepted The WNBA, the NWSL, and the MLS are starting to rise up and are laying the groundwork for the foundation of those leagues becoming super powers around the 2030’s and the 2040’s. Overall, they are finishing what the 1930’s Men’s soccer team started and also keep in mind Soccer was popular in the United States in the 1930’s but a lot of people forgot about this because of world war II and also men’s team was in-active during the war. And then it was around the 1950’s where football, basketball, and hockey became sucked into the American mind where Soccer no longer was relevant.  So not only are those leagues are becoming popular but on the world stage, the players in those leagues have become household names in terms of Olympic and world cup sports.

Number 3, The governor election of 2016.

Before you guys throw food at me and “Boo” at me just hear me out, in a lot of ways both candidates running for governor don’t have plan to bring the Seattle Supersonics or the Seattle Metropolitans. Both Bill Bryant and governor Jay Inslee and they are both guilty in this category. And here is why Bill Bryant was the port of Seattle commissioner that worked with a lot of unions in the port of Seattle and most of the those unions are against Chris Hansen and his arena for a lot of dumb reasons and also reasons that have no facts behind them. They just want to keep SODO the way it is. The industrial side of the city. However, this is very bad thinking because in a lot of great cities in the US, one area can’t be dominated by just one industry. Also another reason they have attacked Chris Hansen is because the port of Seattle in terms is revenue is dying because of the other ways to export products. Now I understand the Port is responsible for getting a lot of goods in the city, But the port of Seattle can’t be the only way those things are delivered.  But overall, I think there needs to be other ways that Port of Seattle and Chris Hansen can work out something and also if Bill Bryant was a good businessman like he says he is in his ads, He would find ways to help Chris Hansen and maybe point him in directions on how his arena can be operated in the city and I really don’t like how he is on the port of Seattle’s side all the time in terms of the Sonics, plus if you are operating a businesses in the city you have to open minded to new changes and also new businesses that come into the Seattle area and HELP those businesses and other businessmen be successful.  And Bryant as a businessman has to be for Chris Hansen and his vision to bring the Sonics back not against him. Also I think it’s all about money and I think a lot of ways reason why Bill Bryant is against Chris Hansen is because for a very simple reason, Chris Hansen’s company has made billions of dollars in his company as a hedge-fund manger not only in the bay area but also nationally as well.  That is way more money then how much Bill Bryant as made as port Commissioner.  Now do I think Bill Bryant is bad guy, Of course not, I think he has good polices and he has a great vision for our state, and I think he is a very nice man, but I think in terms of own business judgment he has made bad choices in terms of the Sonics issue and SODO arena that Chris Hansen wants to build. And it’s a shame because as someone that is part of his party I really do want to vote for him, but as long as he is against Chris Hansen and is against his arena, I will not vote for him. Also if he is such a good businessmen and wants jobs here. Here is one question, Why the heck hasn't he helped Chris Hansen with Bellevue or Tukwila?!....Also if he is more jobs coming here, then don't you think he should help a fellow businessman in this area? But again, He cares about the port of Seattle rather then helping other people that are his equals like Chris Hansen. And I think no matter how much money you have, You should always try to help other people on projects, Even if you yourself are not interested in it. But even if you don't like it yourself that doesn't mean people have the same opinion about it.  And also the majority of people in Bryant's party both Western Washington and Eastern Washington republicans both want to see the return of the Seattle Supersonics it's not just people that live in the big cities and Bill Bryant really needs to egknowledge that. Also in conclusion, I think he doesn't come up with a plan to help Chris Hansen and his ownership and continues to bash him even though I'm a hard core Republican myself,  I'm sorry but I really don't think he is going to win this election at all he counties that route.          

But also to be fair, Jay Inslee is not great either on the Sonics issue as well. And like I said about Bill Bryant, I think he is a very nice man and he is a wonderful sports fan. But in terms of judgment, Governor Inslee appointed a lot of bad politicians in the city of Seattle that just like the port of Seattle, they are against the Sonics returning. Also governor Inslee’s polices and governor Gregoire’s polices on western Washington are the reason why we don’t have the Sonics here is because she didn’t care about sports and I know Inslee does care about sports a lot in this area.  But Governor Inslee and his predecessor have appointed leaders in both the city level and government level that don’t want the NBA or the NHL to come to our beautiful area. Also the people on the Seattle City council that voted no on occidental are the same people there praised by governor Inslee and governor Gregoire. For their culture of “No” and also it’s another reason why we don’t take our Seattle City Council and our City leaders very seriously or not like them at all because in terms of sports culture, they have created a HUGE culture of “NO” on anything sports related. And also to make things worse, Our Seattle City Council is probley the most corrupted and the most paid council in the nation and it’s reason why we have the “Seattle process” Inslee and Gregoire are the complete authors of all that and also the leaders they have appointed are the cause of why we don’t have no progress in the city of Seattle. Also Governor Inslee’s party has a very different thought about sports then he does. We all know that he loves sports in this area. However that being said, his own party has completely abandon the fact that “Sports are a civic assault in our state and our region” And both of them were also the reason why we had people like Greg Nickels be our mayor of Seattle and he let Clay Bennett leave with our team and Nickels didn’t do a single thing to try to fight and keep the team in Seattle the way that Kevin Johnson did in Sacramento. Overall to end this part of my blog, I honestly don’t believe in my gut that both Bill Bryant and Governor Inslee absolutely don’t have a plan on how they are going to get the Sonics back and both parties both republicans and democrats have failed our state in terms of bringing our basketball team and they don’t care about the fans.  And politicians in the city level or in the governor’s race won’t be the reason we get Sonics back and a single vote is not going to effect our chances of bringing our team back and I want to see Chris Hansen move on with the arena and fight both the Port of Seattle and the City Council and SUE both of them for their dishonesty!!!!! And destroy both of them PUBLICLCY!!!!!!!!!

Are the Mariners involved in the election? No but most of people on both sides are both opposed to the SODO arena along with the Mariners which makes things really, really bad.  And so that is where battle between Old Seattle VS New Seattle really comes into play, our generation wants the Sonics back and wants Chris Hansen to build a new arena. The people in the old Seattle really want the port of Seattle to stay there. But here is the reality, The Port of Seattle has lost billions of billions of money and lost a lot of jobs and that stuff was going on even before Chris Hansen proposed his arena. And also what makes this really fishy a lot of people from own party paint Chris Hansen and his ownership group as complete outsiders and are on the side of the port of Seattle. However, Here is where things don't line up, First of all, Hansen's arena would create a lot of jobs in this area, second of all, Why are people in my party think the port of Seattle is a good thing, I don't think they are, Also that company is filled with unions, lobbyist, and other bureaucrats.  And yet these are the same people are that are appointed by our governor and they don't fight for the interest of the citizens but they fight for their fellow employees and don't think about serving the people in those cities. However, I don't think is going to go on for much longer and EVENTUALLY Chris Hansen, The port of Seattle, The MARINERS!!!!!!, and other people against him have to come to an agreement take responsibility and say "you know what this arena deal is really good, We can work with Chris Hansen, And our company is losing money, Chris with all the money that he has, can help us improve areas in our city with the incredible wealth that he has, and the wealth he has produced. Chris Hansen will not just build the SODO arena he will make things better for the Port and Mariners and it's amazing how much both of those organizations don't ever see that!!!                 

Yes I know, Washington is always going to be a blue state and Washington is never going to be a red state and those things are something’s that are never going to change, But however There needs to be a candidate for governor that not only cares about the basic politics of the past but also someone that has vision for bringing the NBA and NHL back here and we are losing billions of dollars every year and every day by not having the NBA or the NHL here in this state.  And it’s completely disgraceful to only the city of Seattle but it’s a disgrace to our beautiful state and our beautiful region.  

During the night of the 2nd governor debate, I asked a question on twitter to both candidates on what is their plan on helping Chris Hansen and bringing the Sonics back. And this will surprise a lot of people but none of the candidates answered the question that I posted on Twitter.  And it just goes to show both candidates don’t care about the Sonics or their plan on how they are going to bring them back.

Numbers 4, The Huskies are back on the college football map.

I think this is the most important out of all of them; The Huskies for a very long time were very mismanaged. Because of coaches like Willingham and Starkisian. But as Chris Petersen took the Huskies head coaching the Huskies have now recruited a lot better and we are starting to get a lot of good players. And also right now we ranked very highly right now in the country.  And I think all we need to do is beat Oregon and we will be in business to making the college football playoff.  Also we have a new athletic director that really cares about the culture of Washington and really wants UW to be on top of the rankings and hopefully get us to a national championship.  And we have a great QB in Jake Browning and also maybe the best defense we have had in years. Petersen has really brought back the old Don James style of Football that has been sorely missed for almost 2 decades and I’m really glad we have someone like Chris Petersen as our couch. And I no doubt we are going to still be really good for years to come.  Also I can’t wait to see what other good recruits do some to University of Washington and become really good under Petersen.

Anyway overall to end this blog, The Seahawks, Sounders, Storm, Reign, and the Huskies are moving towards. Also to be really serous I am really sorry if I let my political views get into this blog because I know I’m not suppose to talking about that since this is a sports blog but it just had be something that I just really needed to get off my chest.  And If I had a real job I would probley be fired but thank god I’m not working for anybody big at the moment.  But overall the moral of this blog is I wanted to talk about the teams that are moving in the right direction in terms of winning. But also talk about how not just the port of Seattle and how things are also against Chris Hansen and against him building the arena and it’s just the port of Seattle and the M’s but also other things that we didn’t think could influence the project.

Anyway thanks for reading my blog and if you do read my blog you are welcome to throw food at me and boo at me because of number 3 I totally understand.  Also I know politics is very hard thing to talk about weather you are a republican or a democrat but I think regardless of political party there just needs to be someone that is really for the Sonics coming not just saying “I’m for the Sonics coming back” but actually work with Chris Hansen and spend time with him.  And so in this election, none of them have an answer and they are both guilty on the topic.  And also because of what I wrote it is my choice that I will not vote either Bill Bryant or governor Jay Inslee

And the Foul zone stops here.           

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The College Football & College Basketball Video Games Need To Come Back!!!!

It’s been 2 years since we have had a college football video game and still a lot of fans like myself really wished that the college football series that EA Games created. And also not only do you want have an updated version or a new game. But still because of EA sports settling the lawsuit there has not been any attempt to make a college football or college basketball game. Now even though I call this blog Amador’s Seattle Sports World, you might ask me “what does this have to do with our teams?” well to answer that question, it had a lot of factors, in a lot of sport games that we have, in Madden for example you can play as the Seahawks, in NBA 2K16 in my league you can relocate a team in the western conference and resurrect the Seattle Supersonics and also add a team in Vancouver. And if you really wanted to, you can do the same thing in NHL as well and add a team in Seattle. And then also in the new MLB game that is coming for the PlayStation 4 you can play as the Mariners and finally with FIFA you can play as the Sounders or try to play for the Sounders in career mode. But there is something really missing in our Seattle Sports video game culture and I think it pains me to even say this to but I think some Cougar & Ducks fans will even agree with me that EA sports needs to create another college football and also create another college basketball as well.  And I think maybe not so much with college basketball but I think college football really needs a game because a lot of things in college football has changed since the release of that game, for example the biggest change is that we now have the college football playoff and so with the new game include the college playoff and also add all the good features that we had with the old games, such as editing players you recruit, creating prospects, and using team builder if you add all of that stuff along with the college football playoff, I think you would have a great college football. But I think if they are going to make another college football video game, I think they will have to work with players that they settled the lawsuit with and also try not use of the players’ likenesses and try to use other people’s faces such maybe EA sports employee and use their faces for making the players. 

Now I think how this really ties in with Seattle sports is that, for me since I got an Xbox one, which I really love a lot and I love it very dearly, I think I really miss playing college football and it’s really sad that you can’t play as the Huskies and also you can’t see Husky stadium in a game anymore because of not having another college football game and I think other fans in this state can agree that it does suck that you can’t play as your favorite college team or play as your team you grow up rooting for before you moved to Seattle or Washington state in general.  And also I think the reason why those are games are great is because of the creativity you can do and make a team that doesn’t win a whole lot or doesn’t a lot of attention and make them big time bowl contenders. And also another thing to really keep in mind is that with the new college football game I think we would finally see North Dakota state in division I football which would be really cool because this year in the NFL draft Carson Wentz was chosen 1st overall in the NFL draft and that’s another reason to make another college football game is because there might some colleges that might joining division I football and also by creating another game it does give some teams a chance to be division I. And also there could be a lot of conferences in the NCAA that could start to get really big and those conferences with their teams need to be in the next game. Also even though sometimes the college football games help you escape from reality of what your college team really is, I think most of all, the college football video games really bring a lot of people together especially if you want play with your buddies. Recently I almost played college football 14 back when I had my Xbox 360 and during the game, I played as the Miami Hurricanes because they are my 2nd favorite college and I have family down there. And it’s good because you also really get to know what other teams your friends might like other than the teams that are in the state. And most importantly it really increases the rivalry of schools and also creates new ones as well. And also I recently herd some news that Xbox one might actually make NCAA 14 backward compatibility but honesty in terms of college football, I don’t want to live in the past and I really want either EA sports or the company that creates the NBA 2K games to come together and say “you know we should create another college football and make it really good and really better than before” and also try to work with players that were in the lawsuit and make sure never to use any players likeness at all when creating the future games. 

So that really begs the question, What would a new college football game look like?

Well personally I really don’t know however, I really do see them keeping the same features that the old games, but add a couple of new teams, new conferences, and also adding the college football playoff and also having the option to increase the playoff to not only to 4 but maybe 10 teams in the playoff (that’s if you are beginner and you really want to see your team in the playoff early on) and then also to make the next game really good. I do see the developers that create the games from both studios of EA sports and 2K to come together and for them to split up and also analyze each college football stadium in the country so that way when they make the stadiums they can try to realistic graphic design on them just like in the older games. Also in terms of making the players, make sure to do average looking faces so that way they don’t run into the same problem that did years ago when they were using the players likeness to make money off of them and this goes for creating another college basketball game as well. And also most importantly, keep the same features but also add some stuff, keep the same creative stuff such as Create a prospect, edit a player you recruit, and also keep team builder as well.  But yeah not really much to it but just ONLY add the college football playoff and then maybe a new feature that would be really great is to use the CBS, NBC, and the ESPN side bars in the game because that way it really shows much progress your team is really doing and if they are heading in the direction and also adds the prime time level as well of your team as well. And then also a really good feature to add is the conference network sidebar as well escpially if you are playing in your dynasty mode. And then also keep the create a coach feature that’s a great future just in case you’re not happy with program’s current coach and you want to replace him and then also having the coach switch or go to other teams and then have that team or that coach be a CPU. It’s just a really cool feature to create your own college football history. And then the only bad part about NCAA 14 was that every time you did make a player really good is that he wouldn’t play right away and that always bothered me as a gammer and as someone that is really creative and that is something that should change in the next game is that if you make a player good, they should start right away and depth charts just update right away once you make a player really good, that would be really cool to see happen. Because I always did in NCAA 14, the player would either red-shirt, move on to being a sophomore or transfer to another school and it just would time consuming to then edit that school as well.  But yeah just another thing to add. And also the feature to celebrate with the mascot is a really good feature I don’t know why they took that way, that is a really good feature and I think they should add it to the new game as well.  

So anyway now that I talked about college football. What should the new basketball game be like?

Well actually really the same, accept this should change, I think just like in college football, they should allow you edit players but also create some prospects as well. And then also not really much just maybe make the college basketball arena look more detail and more visually awesome. And then also just like college football, you can maybe include some teams that will join the division I basketball and maybe make a conference of your own and maybe create your own schools (yeah I know that sounds a little silly) but also keep the feature of creating your own coach because that is a really good feature in both college football and college basketball. But I think when it comes to the college basketball games just add more creativity because in a lot of ways college basketball changes a lot more then college football. But also I think do the same thing just like with college football, make sure not to use any player likenesses and also go to the arenas and the NBA arenas to analyze those places especially when creating the conference tournaments and also when doing the NCAA tournament too. But yeah nothing would really change, the only thing that would change is that, you would have both the options in your dynasty mode to create prospects and also recruit players and edit them. And then also graphically wise it would just a much different style of game then the past games and overall it would just be the same game but really updated in terms of who is in division I basketball right now.  But also a really good feature to add is the shooting system that is currently in the NBA 2K games right now, that is a really great feature that really should be added to the college basketball games in the feature. And also have the feature to edit other college basketball teams because even there are some teams I might not like, I always like to do it because it really challenges you and it really hypes you up to be against your arch rival or another big name school so yeah I would love for them to have that feature again because it’s a good feature.

And then also another really cool thing to do in the college sports video games is to really have some back drop of what the Universities look like outside of the stadium before your game starts. So that way the player doesn’t know every single part of college sports can learn something about the university and what kind of history that they. This would be super effective to the people that are really now bias against not only the Huskies but also people that are bias towards Pac-12 in general and some people that the Pac-12 teams are not as good and think most of the teams are complete losers which in fact is not true most of the college teams in Pac-12 are the most winningest teams in history. And they can learn something about other teams. And I think one of the reasons why I love sports games better than other games is because people are constantly learning things and we have a lot of cool college teams that have really great universities even though as Udub or wsu fans here in this state we do constantly hate on them but it is the truth. Also I think this feature because you get to see other fans tradition such as how they tailgate, people entering the stadium, and other really cool elements on the universities that are cool. This would be really awesome feature if you are Udub fan or a WSU fan because it really intense the apple cup a lot more because you would be seeing the features of school and seeing the other fan cultures as well and it would really hype you up a lot. And this would be really true for anybody seeing this feature and I’m pretty sure it would make the new games both basketball and college football video games really awesome. And to end my blog, I would love to see them do a lot of effort on both the NCAA tournament and also the college football playoff as well and just for the developers to go all out on it and put a lot of really cool elements into those stages of those games and lastly we need to bring those college sports video games back into our living rooms even though we have our pro teams, our college teams did actually come first and the fact that we can’t play as the Huskies or the Cougars or whatever other team you root for is really sad because we all love those games and if they can add some good features and update the games to college basketball and college football is today while keeping some of the old features. I think in the feature I predict maybe EA sports and 2K games will maybe team up and start creating some college sports games because with the edition of college football playoff, we need those games NOW more than ever!!!!